donderdag 8 januari 2015

Idea: Auto Dimming Windshield

Lots of cars offer a dimming mirror. It's a handy feature that dims the reflection based upon light shining upon it. This helps preventing being blinded by cars driving behind you with their headlights on.

Recently I was driving on the highway, and I was annoyingly blinded by sunshine, through trees on the sides of the road, which made it even worse. Thanks to the trees, the sunshine went off an on, in flashes, making it hard to see.

I said to myself, "Wouldn't it be a good idea to have an auto dimming windshield?" Why doesn't it exist? Or does it? I have not been able to track it down so far. The next question that came up was "Why are the mirrors electric? You can have you glasses with auto shade, what's up with that?"

If you think you have the answer, let me know. Maybe it's a good idea to research if it can be made. But remember, you read it first on this site!

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Recent project: blender

Not so long ago I helped someone with a "special project". This man had just had a jaw operation, leaving him unable to eat. He was, therefore, forced to eat liquid food, like blended food. Now it is important to understand, that he craved for a cuban cigar, being a cigar smoker.

This man had just landed a few new customer contracts. Talking to him, I came up with the idea that he could put a cigar and his favourite beer in a blender and get his satisfaction. It was kind of a joke between us, but, as he wanted to gift his new customers something special, I gave him the idea of packaging a small USB powered blender, with a cigar inside, in a nice wrapper. Not only would he have a special gift, it would also guarantee a conversation with each receiving party.

So we did. I can't disclose any details unfortunately, but the story speaks for itself.

To this day, him and me laugh about putting anything in a blender.

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