maandag 17 augustus 2015

Design! Some thoughts and some beauty.

There are quite a few things that I like and appreciate in Apple's design. I like the mostly minimalistic design features, the sharp, clean lines, and what I really appreciate is what you mostly cannot see. Apple takes design very seriously, so even the gut of each device has been thoughtfully designed.

However, there are a few questions to be asked concerning the originality of some designs.

Apple is not the only company out there with great design mastery. Many, many moons ago, Philips used to be a leader in this field (some will argue that it still is, maybe rightfully so), but another leader that has been here for years and years is Braun. Yep, Braun. And no, Braun does not *just* make electric razors.

The thing that fascinates me is this. Some of Apples' recent products resemble Brauns designs from the past. If you do a simple Google search for Braun design, you will quickly see comparison pictures showing the similarities.
I wouldn't go as fas as claiming Apple "stole" design ideas, but I think it is clear that Brauns designs have heavily inspired Apples' design department. There are even applications on iphone that are clearly based upon physical devices from the sixties, and even further back.

What could possibly be going on here is a simple thing. Two very different designers could, under certain circumstances, come to the same conclusions, resulting in similar products. However, this seems to be going a little bit too far, if you ask me.
Forbes published a clever insight into this situation a little while ago.

Personally I have always admired the design language of Braun, maybe even more than Apples language, but I never though to compare the two.

A category that I did not know Braun designs in, is watches. In the whole craze around smartwatches, the design is getting screwed in most products out there at the moment. I personally don't really want a smartwatch, simply because I don't want to be disturbed all the time by messages and notifications. It takes away my attention from the things that matter to me. Outside that argument, a very nicely designed smartwatch is absolutely something I would consider, especially if there are beautifully made screen designs for them that fit the physical design well. I can always disable all the notifications.

Braun however has created a watch, that is no smarter than my Casio, but is a beautiful object that I would gladly wear. Understated, clean and elegant.
Which leads me to the point of all these words: Does it matter who made it, for what reason, as long as the design speaks to you personally? Does it matter if Apple has made it or not? Does it matter if it has the latest technology or not? The answer is in your heart.

Here is a nice writeup on Wikipedia about one of the most influential designers at Braun (among others), Dieter Rams. It is definitely worth reading more about this man if you're into design.

vrijdag 14 augustus 2015

Copyrights, copyrights

I am getting tired of this. It seems that everyone is protecting anything they can think of, only for the possible gain of money.

Yesterday I started reading about this disaster around the movie "Pixels", where the copyright lawyers took everything down that had a vague resemblance to the movie or even the tile of this movie, and threatened everyone else. More info in this link:

Today this bit caught my eye: A UK couple builds a Hobbit House campsite and is now threatened by Tolkiens lawyers:

According to Tolkien's lawyers even words that rhyme with Hobbit are not permitted.
You have got to be kidding me. More in this link:

This has got to stop.

zondag 9 augustus 2015


Als liefhebber van design, én van automobielen heb ik een bezoek gebracht aan Klassikstadt, een omgebouwde fabriek in Frankfurt (Duitsland) waar verscheidene services aan klanten worden aangeboden, van onderhoud tot opslag van klassieke auto's. In de verscheidene werkplaatsen worden motoren gereviseerd en interieurs vernieuwd. Ook de categorie superwagens is welkom. Maar het leukste is dat al deze pracht gratis te bezoeken is.

Hier een impressie van mijn bezoek aan dit prachtig gerenoveerd industrieel erfgoed, waar elke autoliefhebber zijn of haar hart kan ophalen.

Klassikstadt Impressie