Friday, October 31, 2014

Message Number One: Why are you here?

Dear reader,

Just like colleges tell you the prerequisite for a course, I tell you now that I expect you to have read the previous message, and thought about it. In my last Message Number One, I touched on manipulation, meant to explain the reason life on earth for a regular human being is what it is today. Let's take that subject a little further.

The manipulation I spoke about is in place to make sure people behave a certain way. Don't behave that way, and become a social outcast, be punished (if you study the system close enough, you will find out laws that are in place just so the unwilling are treated less equal), and rejected.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Message Number One: Understand What You're Into

Dear reader,

When I speak of Broadway, most of you worldwide, will understand that I am speaking of theatre. Now, it is important that you start to understand the fact that you are in it. The world as you think you know, is not the world you think you know. You are a modern day slave, serving the puppet masters above, all for one, simple purpose: To obtain more wealth.

Why am I writing this message? Excellent question. For years, I have been 'preaching' my messages to anyone who was willing to hear. Not everyone was ready for it. Some never called me back. Others ignored me, and a few got interested and, after a while, told me to tell the world. So I have been looking for a way to do just that. This is one of them, as I will also seek other opportunities to help clarify what is the truth behind the curtain.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Information Security is a right!

Snooping at you is not right. But so many organisations do it, that it will make your head spin.
Educate yourself.

Start here and download my free whitepaper.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

More on security

Recently I set up a VPN client and server at home. Benefits here are clear: all traffic from within the house is sent via an encryption layer, and routed through an ip address in a country of choice. The country choice effectively enables me to access country restricted data, like Netflix US, or iBBC Player.

It also keeps prying eyes out of my download behaviour.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The power of a smile

Having lived in cities for the best part of my life, I often felt very lonely, even when I found myself in crowded places. In cities, people tend to try and ignore everyone else, and it has a coldening effect. When you walk down the streets, strangers either look at you and right through you, or purposely look the other way. No way a stranger will greet you, or even be receptive of your friendly greeting of a fellow earthling.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A few bits of freedom

Isn't the internet supposed to be free? Worldwide there are discussions about net neutrality and lawmakers are stepping in, officially to protect the freedom on the net, but using laws and limits to create this so called free net. It won't work.

My guess is it won't take long before the net is no longer a free space to express yourself, but a government controlled place, where no speech is really free, and we aren't allowed to share anything.

You are doing the right thing!

One of the most asked questions is "is this my destiny?" and it's a pretty powerful one. The answer is surprisingly short. It's "yes". Why?

Here's the thing. According to the universal laws, you have a path, or sometimes called, a purpose in life. Although what you are doing now might not seem to be the holiest you have been thinking about to you, it actually is. If today you are working your job the best way you know how, you are doing two excellent things:

1. Doing the best you can (see 'a little bit of love')
2. Following your path, even without thinking

If you are reading about personal development, or spiritual matters, you probably have gotten the idea that there is something special, maybe even holy you should be doing, but actually, if you are happy and relaxed in your little corner of the world right now, you are accomplishing more than most of us. Keep reading and developing yourself, in your own way and pace. If nothing blocks or hinders you, and you feel at peace, you're on the right path.